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I am looking for your help, one more time.  I have asked the questions that I thought really highlighted your personal views of blogging and the overall effect of blogging.  Now I am asking you to give me the frequently asked questions that you are asked by others OR that you think are key to understanding blogging.  I plan on using these questions to finish the loop of my thesis.  I have my own reactions to blogging, the history and studies done up until this point, and the narratives of bloggers themselves.  At the end of my thesis I want to be able to answer these questions using all of the data I created, and I want readers of my thesis to both do the same and ask themselves more questions…..hopefully leading to future research in this field.

Feel free to make them as simple and personal or as complex and overarching as you see fit.  This is going to be one of the last times I can gather narratives from bloggers about blogging.

Thank you again for all of your help and I look forward to hearing from all of you.  Again if you would prefer to email me, feel free.  And finally, if you blog yourself and think there is a way you could mention this blog, or specifically this post, please do so!  It is one of the best ways to up traffic, as many of you know, to get some mentions in other places.

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  1. leah Says:


    Happy to help :)
    We recently created a blog for my work and my boss who is a very young 69 had a hard time understanding the need for a blog as opposed to our “newsletter” that is emailed out to our clients every couple months. We often have questions on our newsletter that we hope clients will send their responses via email back to me. My boss also participates in message boards dealing with Organizational Development. Theses are some of the questions that were asked of me during my push to get a blog in place.

    What is the difference between a blog and a newsletter? People still read the same articles and respond….

    How does my blog get out to the public?

    What makes a blog different than a message board?

    What makes a blog interactive?
    How do I regulate what people say and do on my blog?

    How can I bring together groups from similar industries with my blog? How do I create the perfect entry to unite all groups together?

    What if no one reads my blog?

    These are some of the questions that were asked of me, but some of the questions I ask of others and myself are

    Are blogs free from barriers imposed by race, SES, and gender?

    Can blogs be truly neutral spaces?

    How can I use blogging in my own dissertation- a critical analysis of UNESCO educational policies in Sub Saharan Africa?

    Can we create a hybrid blog like noah does that people who blog actually meet once a month?

    How does the blogging change once you are made “public?”

    I hope this helps Leah. I often look at blogging in terms of creating the conversation for my work, professionally and socially. I can participate in conversations that help me bounce ideas off unknown people and open my mind up to new alternatives. My research looks at Sub Saharan West Africa and educational policy imposed on them through UNESCO. These children are participants in the One Laptop per Child program and there is a blogging feature available on it. How can this create tranformatory dialogue? How can blogs be tools of anti-bias and anti-racist education? These are my personal questions I ask myself.

    If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask and hope this is what you were looking for,

  2. leah Says:


    * What do you do if you want to start a blog?
    * What’s the difference between blogging platforms?
    * What’s corporate blogging? What businesses blog and why?
    * If you have a business blog, what are the pros and cons of enabling comments?
    * How do you respond when people say negative things about you or your business on their blog?
    * What’s a blog again?
    * How do you have time for blogging?
    * How do you promote your blog?
    * What value do you get out of blogging?
    * How do you make money off your blog?
    * How do you manage reading all those blogs out there?

  3. leah Says:


    Okay, let me do this again, since I accidently just deleted the entire comment I wrote . . .

    - Do you make money off your blog?
    - What is the ROI of blogging? (this is mostly a business question, but one I hear quite a bit)
    - How do you find time to blog?
    - What should I (questioner) blog about?
    - How long have you had your blog?
    - Isn’t it weird that people you don’t know know so much about you?
    - Does your company/boss know you have a blog? Are they okay with it?
    - Should I start a blog? (The answer is usually, “depends, do you want to start a blog?”)

    Questions I think are key:
    - What do you get out of blogging? (which is quite close to your “why you blog” question)

    Will keep thinking about it . . .

  4. Drew Neisser Says:

    Leah–I’ve been blogging for about 18 months and started with help from your brother Noah. My initial motivation was to aggregate examples of Marketing for Good and be a voice in the industry for doing well by doing good. As the CEO of Renegade(, I also felt it was part of my job to have a strong point of view and voice it often. After posting 150 examples in under six months I started to feel restrained by the subject and ready to expand my purview. However, I didn’t actually get there until recently when I launched, which covers Marketing for Good, a related philosophical approach called Marketing as Service and general Musings which allowed me the freedom to write random thoughts at will. I’m really enjoying blogging again and hope my readers (all three of them;-) are as well. As for questions, I frankly don’t get very many. Mainly, I hear from people when I run a silly contest or take a strong point of view AND someone (or a company) thinks I’m way off base.
    Lastly, I’m fascinated by your project and hope you will come visit us at Renegade–maybe we’ll have a job for you.

  5. Faris Says:

    What’s your blog about?

    What do you blog for?

    How much traffic do you get?

    Do you think of yourself as a blogger?

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