What is a blog? Can we agree on a definition for this thing all of us are doing?

It seems important, in terms of creating a dialogue amongst bloggers, the we synthesize our thoughts and feelings about what a blog is into one coherent definition. The internet is littered with technical and personal definitions. As this is a wordpress blog, I thought it would be interesting to include the wordpress defintion of blog, which is short to ‘weblog’ and is a term originally coined to describe a website used as a personal log, or journal. They note that most blogs include a way for readers to comment on what has been posted.

Is this your definition? Do you define blogging in terms of an online diary of sorts? Is it a marketing tool? An online fluid resume? Do you have multiple blogs that you define differently? Is it even important to define what a blog is as long as what the blog is about is clear enough for potential readers?

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4 Responses to “What is a blog? Can we agree on a definition for this thing all of us are doing?”

  1. Noah Brier Says:

    To me this is extra fuzzy as a blog is really nothing more than a website that has a Content Management System running it. I guess I turn it back to you: Do we really need a definition?

  2. leah Says:

    I think there is some importance to creating at least a synthesized bubble that blogs can float around in, even if all that bubble is is a place that holds all websites that have a content management system running it, together. I think this simply because of someone thinks that a blog is something completely different than the next person, are they really going to be able to talk on the same field and understand each other?

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