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Once upon a blog….

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Why you blog, what you blog about, and the story behind the two is fascinating to me. What is even more fascinating is the interest other bloggers have in this as well. CK, from CK’s Blog asked her blogger friends to discuss, via her blog, the greatest point of value received from blogging. Toby Bloomberg of created a new blog, after her first about marketing, just asking people to tell their blogging tales. And Michael Schaefer of added a section to his blog about first blog links and answers to the age-old question ‘why I blog’.

This idea of of collecting stories and anecdotes from bloggers everywhere seems to be a blogging phenomenon and is the reason that I started this journey in the first place. My communication program at GWU is very theoretical, somewhat antiquated and old school and all in all, as I have explained to my family, a program where we pretend the internet doesn’t exist. Because of this and my brother Noah’s incredible experience with his blog, I’ve come to the same place as CK, Toby and Michael. I have become intensely interested in the behind the scenes motivation for blogging.

Here are some of the things I wonder about: Do you blog about a specific topic? Marketing? Wine? Travel? Kids? Is the subject you are blogging about inherently connected to how you see blogs and what you see as their reason for being, or is what you blog about less important than the act of blogging? For me, blogging about blogging is where I see the roots of the blogosphere actually starting…FOR ME! Where do they start for you? Where does your blog fall on the tree?

I want to thank Noah and Alison for their comments. As I mentioned before, comments are the reason this blog exists. I want to start dialogues, get everyone to start thinking and make some really interesting discoveries about blogging WITH YOU! Thank you and please remember to comment here or email me privately with any thoughts you may have.